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Dear Japanese Garden Admirer,

The time for dreaming is over! Your very own Japanese garden can become a reality! AND much sooner than you may imagine…

My name is Russ Chard and I LOVE Japanese style gardens.I write books on the subject, have numerous websites and of course have my own Japanese garden at my home.

So, If you would like to follow suit and have your own DREAM Japanese garden or Rock garden then you are in exactly the right place!!

I have put together an amazing quick start mini course to show you HOW you can have your own Japanese style garden in a small or limited space in your yard or garden. You won’t believe how easy it is … and it won’t crush your bank account either.

For the information I have put together for you, you would pay a Japanese garden expert or landscape gardener hundreds of dollars. What I am about to share with you will cost a LOT LESS than even a book or DVD on making or creating a Japanese garden.

Infact, I am sure that you won’t quite believe what I have lined up for you and that goes for the price as well!! Let me explain…..

‘The EXPRESS Japanese Garden Club’ is my latest project that helps you get started quickly with the information, inspiration and help that you need  so you can simply imagine, design and build your own calm, relaxing and stunning and serene Japanese garden space at home!

I have put together 6 Japanese Garden MODULES that set out everything for you in a LOGICAL and extremely helpful way that’s easy to follow, understand and ACTION in your yard or garden. You cannot fail to have an eye catching relaxing Japanese style garden with this essential information, my exdpertise and help

Here Are 6 SIMPLE WAYS To Create A Dream Japanese Garden At Your Home AND You Can Start TODAY!

Take a look at what you get as a member of ‘The Express Japanese Garden Club’….. 3

MODULE 1: ‘Japanese Gardens – Revealed and Explained’ FREE Book.

A great thorough grounding on the subject of Japanese gardens and Zen style gardens sometimes referred to as Japanese rock gardens.

Available to buy on Amazon’s Kindle service it is 85 pages of rock solid Japanese garden content with help, tips , advice and simple to understand instructions on how to get going straight away with the minimum of fuss.

Weblinks are included to You tube videos to see how I built a small space Japanese Zen garden at my home. ‘Japanese Gardens – Revealed and Explained’ is comprehensive and thorough in its coverage of the subject of Japanese gardens and provides the reader with a journey through their history, meaning and eye catching beauty.   51OCGTHJe-L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_ All aspects of Japanese gardens and gardening are covered from design to ingredients and it even covers subjects like pruning techniques as well as numerous suggestions of what to plant in a Japanese garden courtesy of Master gardener L.H. Bailey.


MODULE 2: This where we really get going!

I show you HOW to make a small space Japanese garden . How to decorate it with the right ingredients like Moss, Stones, Gravel, Shrubs, Plants, Edging, Boundaries, Ornaments, Water features, dry water or gravel, and a lot more besides!

Very importantly I will tell you exactly how to identify and manage a small space in your garden or yard BEFORE you start creating your Japanese garden. You get access to my sketches and garden plans that show you PRECISELY how to start with a piece of paper and to end up with a Japanese garden to be proud of.

Here it is at the START - watch the video's to see it come to life!
Here it is at the START – watch the video’s to see it come to life!

Watch my video that shows you my finished Zen garden area at my home AND takes you on a journey with my plans for a raised rock and moss garden and a dry river bed with moss islands.

I get a little carried away but you will really love it! I even give you the questions that you should be asking yourself BEFORE you start you own Japanese garden together with THE ANSWERS so you make hardly any mistakes and feel confident to really get started with your Japanese garden space.


MODULE 3: If You Want A Japanese Rock Garden This Is For YOU!

This module shows you exactly what you will need to do to have your own stunning Zen garden at home. I show you How To Build A Small Space Zen Garden and you can see me do it at my home in 4 VIDEOS.

Get tips, tools and my plans that you easily adapt for your garden or yard. I show you the DO’s and DONT’S of Zen gardening, explain ways of adding your own special twist or signature to your Zen garden and lay out the common ingredients for you in these most simple but spiritual of Japanese style gardens.

MODULE 4: A REAL Japanese Garden Project From Start To Finish..

Fellow Japanese garden designer Anna Barker shares her project of transforming a drab yard from this …. IMG_1498 To this….. DSC_0006 And this…. DSC_0070 Anna talks to me in an interview and video all about how she did this beautiful project from start to finish – there is SO much you can learn and copy in this chat alone.

See many more pictures of the project and as an Express Japanese Garden Club MEMBER you get to see the TIME LAPSE VIDEO of the project from start to finish to watch at your leisure. Anna charges thousands of dollars for her design expertise but you get this as part of your membership for a heck of  LOT LESS.


MODULE 5 : Plants, Shrubs and Trees In A Japanese Garden…

These ingredients are perhaps the most popular and striking BUT you have to know what you are doing otherwise you could be throwing your hard earned cash away.

You get a FULL explanation of which varieties to use, How to deal with climate extremes, Shrub and Tree care instructions so they look great in your Japanese garden for a long time to come. Learn about Bonsai, Maples, Acers, Dwarf Maples, the power of low level shrubs in a Japanese garden, Why you should consider Hosta’s as a dominant feature. dwarf_balsam Learn about soil and which plants, shrubs and trees need which type and how to get over the problem if you have poor soil quality. Dwarf Bamboo 1 Discover why evergreen and deciduous plants are SO important if you are to embrace all FOUR SEASONS in your Japanese style garden. And get an understanding of why an ‘Established’ look is what you are aiming for in a Japanese garden. PLUS there’s pictures and a comprehensive list of the best plants, tree and shrubs to use in your garden.

MODULE 6:  Stones and Rocks In Japanese Gardens

DSC_0036 Most people favourite ingredients and an essential part of Japanese gardening. Stones and rocks bring POSITIVITY to a garden.

This section of The Club explains their history and the importance of either their beauty or religious significance which determines if a rock is used in a garden or not.

Learn the 5 main types of rocks that are used in a Japanese garden as well as the one that you must not use. See design formations, diagrams that show you how to ‘set’ a rock in a Japanese garden , get 7 design principles that will really help you simply understand their usage.

I share my knowledge about the best rocks to use and where to get them from …cut price!

You will have a total understanding of their importance in a Japanese style garden and how you can use them in your yard or garden to great effect. I also give you a ‘crash course’ on STEPPING STONES either within a traditional Japanese garden or in a ‘dry’ Zen style garden. Drysteppingstones1

 Does ALL This Sound Good?

I really hope so. ‘The Express Japanese Garden Club’ is like a Japanese garden in a box.


EVERYTHING that you need to get great RESULTS and NOT spend a fortune doing it.

Your dream Japanese Style garden is only a couple of clicks of your mouse away!

GET STARTED And Become A Member TODAY AT A Very LOW Price…

Membership to ‘The Express Japanese Garden Club’ including all 6 of the MODULES that I have explained AND BONUS MATERIAL is just $4.67 ! That’s right $4.67….LESS than 5 Dollars!

I have deliberately kept the price low because I want as many people as possible to have this information to have their own captivating authentic Japanese garden space.

Originally I was going to charge monthly for membership but I know committing to a monthly payment is a big deal and a hassle for lots of people. So a single one off payment of $4.67 gets you immediate access to EVERYTHING that you need and could possibly want to start and create a Japanese garden. 

‘The EXPRESS Japanese Garden Club’ is full of fantastic help and advice AND inspiration as you have seen.

IMPORTANT Membership Information…How It Works.

When you sign up to join today $4.67 USD is taken immediately from your account.

That’s it! It couldn’t be simpler.

Your membership will be activated and you will also get access to SPECIAL BONUS HELP that I will be putting into the members area…like detailed plans and instructions on HOW to build a small internal Zen garden for a tabletop or room! 

I really think it is a fantastic deal and hope you agree that the VALUE membership brings will absolutely enhance your Japanese garden plans and bring a very attractive garden of peace and serenity into your life.

As usual I am offering you a RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE


To Join ‘The Express Japanese Garden Club’ to get started right away CLICK HERE 3 Thank for visiting my website and I will see you on the inside of the members area. Very Best Wishes to you, Signature